Fulvio Biddau



Cycle: XXXI

Supervisor: Paolo Cottone

Research project

Engaging the public in renewable energy decisions: a psychosocial analysis

Research interests

I am interested in the psychological and social dimensions of environmental and sustainability issues.

My research interests mainly concern the role of the public in environmental governance and the low-carbon transition, with particular attention to the psychosocial factors of participatory phenomena and public engagement practices, as well as pro-environmental behaviours and lifestyles.

In this regard, areas of interest are:

– Public participation in environmental assessment and decision making.

– People responses to innovations for sustainability: introduction of new or controversial technologies and associated infrastructures, changes in regulations, laws and policies affecting individuals and communities etc.;

– New environmentalism: forms and dynamics of collective action, community-based participation and grassroots innovations for sustainability;

– Public communication and understanding of environmental risks and solutions;

– Social and psychological factors of environmentally significant behaviours in the public and private sphere.


  • Biddau, F., Armenti, A., & Cottone, P. (2016). Socio-psychological aspects of grassroots participation in the Transition Movement: An Italian case study.Journal of Social and Political Psychology4(1), 142-165. DOI: 10.5964/jspp.v4i1.518
  • Biddau, F., & Cottone, P. (2016). Community involvement, public deliberation and environmental governance.  Insights from Social Psychology. 3rd Energy and Society Conference: Transforming Energy for Society, Leipzig, Germany, September, 12-14.
  • Biddau, F., & Cottone, P. (2016). Dalla Marea Nera al Referendum. Un’indagine esplorativa sulle rappresentazioni delle trivellazioni nei quotidiani online (2010-2016). In Atti del XIV Congresso Nazionale della Sezione di Psicologia Sociale dell’AIP, Napoli, 22-24 settembre. Kaizen Edizioni. ISBN: 978-88-941762-1-6.
  • Buccione, L., Biddau, F., & Cottone, P. (2015). Communicating global warming: the framing effect of climate change in shaping attitudes and behaviors. Poster presented at the 73rd Annual Conference of the ICP, Psychological Contributions to Solving Global Problems in the 21st Century. Toronto, Canada, August 1-3.
  • Armenti, A., Biddau, F., & Cottone, P. (2014). Participation and Sustainability: The Case of an Italian Transition Town. In Corina Ilin (Ed.) Transition to Sustainable Societies: Designing Research and Policies for Changing Lifestyles and Communities. In Proceedings of the 23rd IAPS (International Association of People-environment Studies) Conference, pp.264-265. Timisoara, Romania, June 24-27, 2014. ISBN: 9789731254197.
  • Biddau, F., & Valenti, A. (2014). Transition Towns: empowerment e partecipazione nella governance ambientale. Il caso di Monteveglio. In (a cura di) D., Mazzoni, I., Barbieri, Prati, G., E., Cicognani, C., Albanesi. Costruire comunità ospitali e sostenibili. Nuove sfide per la psicologia di comunità, Atti del X Convegno Nazionale SIPCO. Cesena 19-21 giugno 2014, pp.148-150. ISBN: 9788898010189.


  • MSc in Social, Work and Communication Psychology, University of Padua (December, 2013). Thesis: Transitioning communities, empowerment and citizen participation. A qualitative research in the municipality of Monteveglio. Supervisor: Prof. Paolo Cottone.
  • BSc in Applied Psychological Sciences, University of Cagliari (July, 2011). Thesis: The construction of identity through consumption. The role of branding in the expression of the self. Supervisor: Prof. Antonio Aiello.

Research Experiences

  • Project ACCESI: Socio_constructivist Analysis of Sustainable Energy Communities (Future in Research, FIRB 2010). Post-graduate internship and research fellowship (2013-2015). Interaction and Culture Laboratory, Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology, University of Padua, Italy.