Nour Daoud

Skype: noor.daoud87


Supervisor: Luca Trappolin

Research Project

An Exploration of Syrian Women’s Lived Experiences of Violence and Abuse in the Context of Refugee.

Research Interests

Gender, Islamic Feminism, Gender-based Violence and Victimization, Disapora and Refugee Studies, Identity, Intersectionality and Social Context in Critical Domains.


  • MSc, Women and Gender Studies, The University of Jordan (Amman-Jordan), 2013.
  • Fellowship for mid-career individuals, Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment, TU Delft University (Delft-The Netherlands), 2012.
  • Professional Diploma in Project Management, Project Management Institute (Pennsylvania-United States), 2011.
  • BSc, Modern Languages, The University of Jordan (Amman-Jordan), 2009.

Professional Experience

  • Project Manager, Jordan River Foundation (Amman-Jordan), June 2015-December 2016.
  • Projects’ Donor Relations Supervisor, Jordan River Foundation (Amman, Jordan), April 2014-May 2015.
  • Assistant Project Manager, The Education Reform Support Program-USAID (Amman-Jordan), March 2010-March 2014.


  • N. (2014). Perceptions of Jordanian Youth to the Concept and Dimensions of Gender: The Case of Amman. University of Jordan Journal, (61), 56-71, Amman.

Research Papers in Progress

  • Debating the Role of Patriarchy in the Incidence of Gender-based Violence: Systematic Review of the Literature
  • Do People Still Believe Women Belong to Kitchen? Gender Stereotypes and the Role of Women in the Middle-East.

Contribution to research projects

  • Kharoof, A., and Daoud, N. (2012). The Status of Women Working in the Jordanian Universities (Public and Private) during the period of 2000-2009. University of Jordan, Amman.


  • Daoud, N. (2016). Dialogues and Analysis of Women’s Movements in Jordan, Amman, 20 January 2016
  • Daoud, N. (2014). Strategies of communication of Feminist movements in
    their local contexts, versus mass-mediatic representation in relation
    to similarities and differences among women, Amman, 7 September 2014
  • Daoud, N. (2013). Women Making Change, Amman, 20 June 2013
  • Daoud, N. (2012). Women, Peace & Security, United Nations, Geneva, 5 May 2012