Valerio Pascali

Supervisor: Prof. Francesca Vianello

Research project: Management styles and processes of imprisonment – effects of dynamic surveillance in contemporary prison in Italy

Research interests

Prison and conditions of detention, processes of imprisonment, social control and security policies.

Study path

2017, Master’s Degree in “Critical Criminology and Social Security, Deviance, Cities and Prevention Policies”, University of Padua. Thesis: Control and social exclusion practices in Via Gola, Ticinese – Milan district; Rapporteur: Dr. Giulia Fabini

2015, Single Cycle Degree in Law, University of Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum. Thesis: “Processes of imprisonment, rehabilitation and overcoming of prison segregation”; supervisor: Prof. Dario Melossi

Oral presentations in conferences

26 August – 2 September 2017, speaker at the National Seminar of Sociology of Law (XI Edition) – Association of Law and Society Studies, Capraia (Italy)

Title of the intervention: Management styles and processes of imprisonment in Italy.

The report was awarded among the best contributions of the seminar, in second place with special mention.