Lorenzon Jessica



Jessica Lorenzon


Cycle: XXXV

Supervisor: Prof.ssa Francesca Vianello


Prisoner re-entry process: an ethnographic research

The research project concerns the experiences of released prisoners and the prisoner reentry process from an interdisciplinary perspective, contributing to fill the gap of knowledge on the issue in the Italian literature. It will be use a qualitative and bottom-up approach, independent from formal agreements with public services and penal institutions. Life stories about people on alternative measures and former prisoners will be collected. Furthermore, social workers and key figures in the landscape of the prisoner reentry process will be interviewed. The theoretical frame refers to Social Psychology, Critical Criminology, and Intersectional approach. The concepts of desistance, rituals, and resistance practices will have particular importance in the study. Also, the topics of trauma and testimony practices are considered from a critical point of view.

Research interest

Interdisciplinarity in the Social Sciences; Critical Criminology; Stigmatization processes; Desistance from crime; End of the sentence; Agency and resistance processes; Social inequalities; History of the concept of trauma; Intersectionality; Mixed methods research; Qualitative research; Ethnography; Shadowing; Life stories; Methodological issues in Social Sciences.


Lorenzon J. (2021), Out! Leave the prison system during the pandemic, XVII Report on the detentions conditions, Antigone, ISBN: 978-88-98688-34-0;

Lorenzon J. (2020), From the mathematics of recidivism to the complexity of getting out of prison, Autonomie locali e servizi sociali, 43(3), 631-644;

Lorenzon J., Rodelli M. (2020), A psychological interpretation of the March riots, XVI Report on the detention conditions, Antigone, ISBN: 978-88-98688-31-9;

Lorenzon J., Santin F. (2020), The prisons at the borders of the country, XVI Report on the detention conditions, Antigone, ISBN: 978-88-98688-31-9;

Lageder D., Morgillo G., Zuliani L., Padovan G. B., Lorenzon J. and Nava A. F. (2018), Orienting the organization of services towards an efficient and safe model for the treatment of pain with opiate drugs: the experience of the Padua prison. Mission, Franco Angeli, 10-15;

Oral Presentations

December 3, 2020 – V National Ph.D. Conference, University of Naples (Italy)

Title: The everyday life of the former prison;

November 27-28, 2020 – Webinar “From prison to the city”, University of Padua (Italy)

Opening speech title: Getting out of prison in Veneto: work, hospitality and psychological difficulties;

September 14-15, 2020 – Web conference Social psychology at the test of Covid 19: research, reflections, perspectives; Italian Psychology Association; (with Maddalena Rodelli, Ph.D.);

Title: The “distancing” imperative and the prison riots during the Covid-19 emergency;  

June 09-12, 2020 – 8th International conference of Ethnograpy and Qualitative Research, University of Bergamo (Italy). 

Title: Trial as narration. Methodological ideas for a psycho-social analysis of criminal proceeding starting from Mastrogiovanni case. (postponed due to covid19)

June 06-09, 2020 – 7th International conference of Ethnograpy and Qualitative Research, University of Bergamo (Italy);

(with Dr. Maddalena Rodelli, Ph.D.)

Title: A double stigma: effects of primary and secondary criminalization processes on prison inmates with a diagnosis of drug addiction; 


December 02, 2020 – Course’s title: Sociology of Law and deviance; Bachelor in Sociological Sciences, University of Padua (Italy);

Title: Re-entry in Society after prison;

July 06, 2020 – Master’s degree in Critical Criminology and Social Security: deviance, institutions and psycho-social interactions; University of Padua, (Italy);

Title: Social Psychology of Total Institutions (with Maddalena Rodelli, Ph.D.);

May 05, December – Course’s Title: International Relations; Bachelor in Languages, University of Mantova Foundation, (Italy);

Title: Tale of a journey on the israeli-palestinian border.

Public Talks

December 14, 2020 – Antigone Association Webinar: The point of the situation in 30 minutes. 

Title: The pandemic situation in Veneto’s prisons;

October 8, 2020 – University of Padua, Webinar: University in Prison, a state of art.

Title: The role of main student advisor in prison;

June 23, 2020 – Antigone Veneto Association, Webinar: Presentation of the mid-year report on the state of prisons.

Title: Riots in prison. A psychological point of view. 

High education

2019 – Ongoing Ph.D. candidate in Social Sciences. Communications, Interaction and Cultural Constructions, University of Padua, Department FISPPA (Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology)

2018 – Master’s degree in Critical Criminology. Deviance, institutions and psycho-social interactions, University of Padua and University of Bologna. Thesis: “Prisoners’ point of view on ICATT service”. 

Supervisor: Prof. Francesca Vianello; graduated with the highest rank.

2016 – Master’s degree in Clinical-Dynamical Psychology, University of Padua. Thesis: “Compulsory health treatment and mechanical restraint: accountability, obedience and moral disengagement in Mastrogiovanni case”.

Supervisor: Prof. Adriano Zamperini; Co-Supervisor: Dr. Marialuisa Menegatto. Mark: 110/110 cum laude.

2013 – Bachelor’s degree in Psychology of personality and interpersonal relationship, University of Padua. Mark: 107/110.

Accademic work experience and internships

2020 – ongoing –  Main student advisor at University in prison project, University of Padua;

2019 – ongoing – Student advisor at master’s degree in Critical Criminology & Social Security: Deviance, istitutions and psycho-social interactions; University of Padua;

2018 – Career Counselor at University of Padua’s general information office; Coop. T.erra;

2017 – Post graduation trainee at Padua Prison; Veneto’s prison healthcare system;

2017 – Post graduation trainee as research assistant at University of Padua, FISPPA Department, research area: Psychology of violence; supervisor: Prof. Adriano Zamperini;


– Member of AIP – Italian Association of Psychology, Social Psychology Group (since 2020);

– Member of the organizing committee at master’s degree in Critical Criminology & Social Security (since 2019);

– Member of board at Antigone Veneto Association (since 2019);

– Co-founder at Antigone Friuli Venezia Giulia Association (since 2018);

– Observer of the conditions of detention in the Triveneto area at Antigone Observatory (since 2018).

Volunteer experiences 

2014 – ongoing – Antigone Association, Rome, Italy;

2018 – Padua prison, Padua, Italy;

2014 – 2016 – Social cooperative Equality, Padua, Italy.

Training courses and summer schools

2020 – Online summer school:  The penal system and universal rights, Antigone Association, Rome, Italy;

2018 – Training course: Teather of oppressed in prison, Social cooperative Giolly, Parma, Italy;

2016 – Summer school: Prison and mass media, Saluzzo (TO), Italy;

2014 – Training course: Reception of minors and victims of human trafficking in social services, Social cooperative Equality, Padua, Italy.

Award for projects

2012 – Living Piazza Gasparotto Square, Young ideas for requalification of the area; Sestante Association, Padua (Italy).